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Royal Blood by Aimee Carter


Royal Blood is a YA murder mystery and family drama set in modern Britain. After being expelled from her 9th boarding school in America, Evan Bright is sent to live with her father, the King Of England, a man who’s neglected her for 17 years. She has to fight the icy glares of Queen Helene and the future Queen, Princess Mary - her sister. Her existence as the King’s illegitimate daughter is top secret until someone leaks it to the press and suddenly she is all everyone can talk about, with her name popping up on every newspaper headline. All Evan wants to do, is go home to her mother. But just as she thinks things can’t get any worse, the royal scandal intensifies and she is suddenly labeled as the murderer of a journalist’s son. Only the Queen’s nephew, Kit, is willing to help her clear her name, with the help of the

King, but can Evan really trust anyone?

This book was totally addictive and packed full of scandal, with just the right amount of suspense, twists and romance that kept me flicking page after page. I loved how the author created a range of different personalities for the characters making them all unique in their own way. I also loved how the author included LGBTQIA+ characters too. There were also quite a few sensitive personal topics that affect the characters. I feel like the author has effectively added these topics, to show how two faced people can be, how scary the outside world can be and how public opinion can become a huge problem, heavily effecting ones life.

I do feel like the foreshadowing was a bit too obvious sometimes as I did realise who the murderer was quite early on! (But that might be down to my detective skills), however it was still a great book with many scandals and lots of suspense.

The book left off as a cliff hanger, and I can’t wait for the sequel! Overall, this book is a must read for murder mystery fans as the constant twists and turns keep you on your toes!

- E, DofE Volunteer


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