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My Week at Jacqson Diego!

When I first chose to do work experience 2 years ago (thanks for making me wait, lockdown!) I can confidently say that I had never expected some of the parts of working in a book shop to be so busy. Working in here at Jacqson Diego has allowed me to recognise that there is a lot of work that goes into making not only this shop keep going, but also any other business too. Needless to say, it’s widened my perspective by quite a bit.

It has been such an interesting experience to work here after such a long wait. For a start, the lovely new layout, but also how kind everyone has been throughout has helped me to feel welcome from the moment I stepped inside. I have had so much fun doing many of the jobs (except for the cleaning, of course), like helping to set up displays and creating a social media post to celebrate one of the many events that are taking place this month. June seems to be a very busy time for organising new and exciting things for the book shop, such as a Paddington display or a Pride display.

If I had to sum up my experience here with three words, I would say that my time here has been welcoming, exciting and eye-opening. I am very grateful that I finally had the chance to work here for a time, after I thought it may never happen. Those two years were worth the wait!

- C, 17


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