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Twin Crowns by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber

Disclaimer: There are no spoilers in this review!

Twin Crowns is a brand new YA fantasy romcom that tells the story of twins, who were separated at birth after the death of their parents. Rose Valhart, who was left to be brought up in the lap of luxury and raised to be the next ruling queen of Eana, has been taught that witches are the reason her parents met an untimely demise. Wren Greenrock however, is the secret twin whom no one knew about, until now. Having been raised by the those that Rose fears, Wren plans to take over the kingdom to protect the witches of Ortha.

The story is told from both the perspectives of Rose and Wren (This helps a LOT when they’re both in different places!), as they discover the lies and mystery surrounding the night they were separated and the stigma surrounding the witches of Ortha. It’s always interesting to follow the plot line of twins switching places, it’s a trope we’ve seen many a time, and usually it’s a planned switch with both twins knowing what the other is like! But seeing Wren have to fit herself into the mould that Rose has made for herself, (well, has she made it for herself? Or has it been made for her?) whilst also trying to complete her mission set for her by Banba, a witch who takes the role of grandmother, was a tense and comical journey. On the other foot though, Rose does not have the pressure of pretending to be Wren. Instead she has the pressure of learning about a whole other side to herself, a side that she, at first, would have rather remained dormant. It’s not all fantasy politics and battles, Twin Crowns carries the romcom genre like a pro, with many comical moments and sprinklings of romance between the most unlikely of pairings! (Did I detect an enemies to lovers trope? Yes, I think I did…)

Doyle and Webber do a phenomenal job setting up the kingdom of Eana and the expansive world it is placed in. World building is such a crucial element within many fantasy novels, and they do it perfectly. Character development is another shining factor which elevates this book even more, you root for the right characters, you want not one but both of the twins to prevail in their tasks.

Overall, the book is incredibly immersive, you dive headfirst into the action and only rise to the surface once the final word is read! With its charming characters and intriguing plot you are hooked from the first page. But with so many questions left buzzing round my mind it’s only right to wonder one thing... When is the sequel coming?

- Tierney


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