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Her Dark Wings by Melinda Salisbury

Her Dark Wings is a modern retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth, set in a world where the Olympians are still worshipped. It had always been Corey-and-Bree and Bree-and-Corey, until one day Corey, our modern day Persephone, finds out that her very own best friend had betrayed her with her boyfriend. The book begins with Corey kissing a stranger and a unexpected tragedy occurring. Was it an accident? Corey goes on her journey to seek justice whilst her love for gardening grows and she can’t seem to keep her mind from wandering about that one kiss that night.

First of all, this story was not what I expected it to be like. I thought it would be all about the Gods during the ancient times, but it’s not! It’s told from the perspective of Corey as a teenager during the modern era, and the romance between Hades and Persephone isn’t the core of this book.

This book is kind of like a coming of age story, it's about important choices that will decide your future. Corey experiences multiple betrayals from those who she thought were “friends”, and goes on her journey independently to seek who she truly is. There are many flashbacks, to her happy, innocent younger self which I sympathize and related to. I found it very clever how Melinda made the story during the modern era where people still worshipped the Greek Gods to make it easier to read and understand.

I also loved how every character had two different sides of themselves- the good and the evil. Each character was unique in their own way, with the Gods also acting different from what we normally expect them to be.

Overall, I loved this book. We go straight into the action and Corey’s thoughts and emotions, that there’s simply no way to stop reading. I feel like teenagers will relate to and understand Corey’s actions. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of Greek mythology.

- E, (D of E Volunteer)


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