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Into the Sideways World by Ross Welford

“Into the Sideways World” is an amazing story about two unlikely friends Willa and Manny, who, whilst trying to catch the mysterious monster that has been lurking around their town, discover a cave that leads to another world altogether. As they realise that the hardships and troubles of their own planet seem non-existent in the place beyond the cave, they realise that they may have found the perfect planet.

This story follows them as they journey to find out what is really happening in the Sideways World and the question that resonates in the book: can they save Earth the way it was saved here? This unique and exciting idea from Ross Welford explores the possibility of a world that conquered pollution and warfare many years before the problem even occurred to the people of Earth.

What I love about this book is the way Welford leaves a mysterious air at the end of each page in order to make the upcoming plot such a surprise. The main characters in this book have hugely different personalities and I could not decide whose side to be on until I finished it- personally I think that the character progression adds so much to the powerful meaning of this book as the characters grow in and out of favour with each new chapter. Cleverly, Welford has maintained clarity for readers by focusing on two or three main characters and making the other side characters each play a small role in the plot.

I would recommend this book for ages ten upwards and to anyone looking for an eye-opening read into the ‘what-ifs’ presented in this book.

- A, 12


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