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Here comes the Book Snuggling Season

With the summer drifting into autumn at a snail’s pace this year, it seems a bit odd that the nights are suddenly drawing in. Post equinox, the days are shorter and long evenings spent curled up with books seem once again to be upon us (although I’m finding the thought of blanket, fire and hot chocolate a little difficult to picture just yet). I’m currently falling into this season of books by reading a fantastic winter mystery novel by Fleur Hitchcock, author of Dear Scarlett, Saving Sophia, Shrunk … Murder in Midwinter is about Maya, who witnesses a couple arguing violently in the middle of a crowded Regent Street from a bus. Convinced she has witnessed a crime, Maya goes to the police and after a few twists and turns she ends up snow bound in rural Wales resolved to get to the bottom of the mystery. I’m hooked, it’s a perfect family read for older children (9+), or for reading alone. Now I’m picturing the blankets and hot chocolate!

I took my copy into Neptune ward at the hospital yesterday to share a sneaky peek, but the children were all a bit young so Sheldon and I opened up Bob’s Star Map from the book Something Different instead, and shared stories from the different stars. It’s always fun to share stories, wherever they are from and whatever form they take. We ended up retelling some rhyming tales and making up our own bits too, which seems like good prep for next week’s National Poetry Day on October 6th, which coincidently is the same day Murder in Midwinter is published. Busy day!

Have fun!

P.S We’re putting some final touches to some unexpected half term plans at the moment, so we’ll be sharing stories and books in Southend and at Rayleigh Windmill in a couple of STOP PRESS events. We will send out details to the Newsletter list in the next week.

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