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Potatoes Assembled! Fairies at the Ready!

News just in: 40 new Supertatos have taken to the skies to protect us from the Evil Pea and his dastardly accomplices, while nearby fairies of all shapes and sizes have led a protest against the bossy Fairy Queen to start a fair and democratic Fairyland.

Sunshine and Stories had a crafty twist in its last two weeks, as Hannah and Jacqui brought some stories to life in a Play and Books kind of way. Last week, our wonderful Storyteller in Residence brought the books Supertato and Supertato: Veggies Assembled to life for us, and we created our own Supertatos. Everyone was really enthused when it came to the making, with lots of collaboration going on between families to create our new super hero friends. We had Spider-tatos, ninja-tatos and traditional Supertatos a plenty to protect us from that pea.

This week Hannah performed the story of Fairy One-Step and everyone played their part in the story fantastically. At the end of the story Jack, the main character, found himself at a party for the rather mean Fairy Queen, right in the middle of Fairyland. Following the story, we brought Fairyland to life by making our own peg fairies. All of the fairies had their own stories, from Superman Fairy – who was actually superman but under a curse – to Bouncy Castle Fairy, who just could stop jumping!

I can’t believe that we’ve come to the end of the Sunshine and Stories programme for this summer already. It’s been fabulous, and whether you came along for one of the authors or story events or all of them: THANK YOU! It’s been lovely to share stories with you all.

A very special Well Done to all of the children who have been taking part in The Big Friendly Read as part of the Sunshine and Stories programme at Barons Court, or at any of the libraries too. Great Job!

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