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Amanda Brandon and the Mural and a Half

Author Amanda Brandon popped in to visit us on Saturday 31st January, to share with us her fabulous picture book A Scarf and a Half. Amanda read the story of Little Lionel and his friends finding fun with a scarf knitted by Granny Mutton, and she brought the very long scarf in question with her. We managed to have 4 and a half people wearing the scarf at the same time, but we thought it would be very difficult to move.


After the story there was time for a few questions and we collaged a scarf mural on the wall in The Lighthouse. Amanda helped with the high bits. There was also some time for colouring and our Dinosaur was left with a very colourful chalky scarf.

We have a few signed copies of the book in the emporium, interest age 3 – 6 years. Amanda’s new Little Lionel adventure, A Box of Socks, will be published by Maverick later this year.

This is what the publishers had to say about Amanda's visit.

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