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Welcome to the Museum!

Stuffed full of the curiosities of life, Animalium is a book museum that allows you to wander its galleries and discover pages of beautiful exhibits, accompanied by informative text. Each chapter features a different branch of the tree of life, and inspired by this wonderful exhibition we invite you to join us in building our own tree of life, throughout November.

We require curators to help build our collection, and every child who comes into the emporium is qualified!


How to take Part

Choose your favourite living creature, from the tiniest of insects to the largest of mammals and draw a representation of it on a postcard sized card. The picture can be as detailed and life like as you wish, or a simple drawing that tells its own story. Materials are available in store, or use your own.

Hang the card on the relevant branch of the tree of life.

Sign the curator’s book, as you too are now an important contributor to the exhibition.

Prizes to Win

All children taking part will be entered into a draw, and three names will be drawn on 6th December – small business Saturday.

The winner will receive a copy of the book, second place a poster and third a set of postcards.

This exhibit will form our own entry into a competition being set by the publishers.

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