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Halloween Mayhem

With Halloween falling at the end of half term, we decided to put the fun into the event rather than the fright. On Monday we had three groups of Crafty Messy Thing, all making trick or treat witches and wizards – which came out fantastically. After making the basic craft the children all put their own stamp on their creations, creating an array of different characters.

A very busy Story Time Picnic on Friday morning saw a visit from Lily, our friend from Pets as Therapy and her owner Sylvia. Lily looked very seasonal in her witches hat and was happy to let the children pet her as usual. Lily is in the running for Pets as Therary (PAT) Dog of the year. If you would like to vote for her you can Here

We also added two extra story times in half term. The first was a lunch time picnic for primary age children, when we read the latest in the Hubble Bubble series, Hubble Bubble; The Super Spooky Fright Night, and the second addition was our now annual Halloween Story Time when we played games read poems and explored stories around a Halloween theme.


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