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Happy 2nd Beard-day to Us

On August the 7th the emporium turned 2 years old and as tradition decreed we had a party, with a special guest. Author Philip

Many of the children wore beards in appreciation and following the presentation there was time for a book signing, some fabulous questions, such as “in the next Grunts book The Grunts in a Jam, do the Grunts find themselves in a Jam Sandwich?”Ardagh joined us to share stories about his writing, The Grunts and working with Axel Scheffler. Philip was incredibly generous with his time and had us all enthralled with his stories and his incredible top tips.

After a rousing burst of “Happy Birthday”, Philip cut our Sharpie/Road Kill birthday cake and we rounded off the event with a game of let’s hide the chocolate cake crumbs all around the book shop.

We would like to thank everyone for coming, Mr Philip Ardagh (and Elmer) for sharing our day and for all the amazing tweeting and sharing around the event, and Nosy Crow (especially Dom) for organising.

We still have some signed copies of Philip Ardagh books and a limited number of Grunts Goody Packs available, with sales of copies of The Grunts in Trouble and The Grunts at Sea.

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