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Story Bites Reads Summer Term
Story Bites Reads Summer Term

Story Bites Reads Summer Term

Our blended book club for bookworms aged 9 -12 years.

Time & Location

01 May 2022, 15:00 – 03 Jul 2022, 16:00

Jacqson Diego Story Emporium , 444 London Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea SS0 9LA, UK

About the Event

Story Bites Reads is our blended book club for bookworms aged 9 -12, with an interest in new middle grade fiction and who want to share and grow their ideas with others through discussion and thought-provoking activities.

We meet in the emporium on the last Sunday of the month at 3pm, or you can join us via zoom. Everyone has a copy of the book to read in advance of the session and booking is essential as we have limited spaces. The books are available the month before.

This term we will be reading:

1st May - Like a Charm by Elle McNicoll

5th June - The Thief Who Sang Storms by Sophie Anderson

3rd July - The Ship of Doom by M.A. Bennett

Like a Charm by Elle McNicoll

Edinburgh is a city filled with magical creatures. No one can see them... until Ramya Knox. As she is pulled into her family's world of secrets and spells, Ramya sets out to discover the truth behind the Hidden Folk with only three words of warning from her grandfather: Beware the Sirens.

Plunged into an adventure that will change everything, Ramya is about to learn that there is more to her powers than she ever imagined.

The Thief Who Sang Storms by Sophie Anderson

The Island of Morovia is shaped like a broken heart. The humans live on one side of the island, and the alkonosts - the bird-people - live on the other. But it wasn't always this way...

Linnet wishes she could sing magic, like her father, Nightingale - and bring the two sides of her island together again. For her land has been divided by a terrible tragedy, and Linnet has been banished with her father to the deepest swamps, leaving behind her best friends, Hero and Silver. So when her father is captured, Linnet must be brave and embark on a treacherous journey. Through alligator pools and sinking sands, she finds new friends. Yet without her singing magic, Linnet discovers something even more powerful. Something that could save her father, and heal the broken heart of her island once more...

The Ship of Doom by M.A. Bennett

Greenwich, London, 15th February 1894. Luna thinks that an evening at her aunt's butterfly club sounds deathly boring. But it turns out that the meeting, held in the Butterfly Room at the Greenwich Observatory, is not at all as Luna expects. The Butterfly Club is a society with an unusual secret... they use time travel to plunder the future for wonders. 

Together with her friends, Konstantin and Aidan, and a clockwork cuckoo, Luna boards the Time Train. The gang travel to 1912 and find themselves aboard a great ship travelling from Southampton to New York. They locate a man called Guglielmo Marconi and his new invention: the wireless radio. But as the ship heads into icy waters, they discover its name:The RMS TITANIC!

Can Luna and the boys save Marconi and his invention from the doomed ship? Can they get the radio back home to the Butterfly Club? And how will their actions change the rest of time?


  • Story Bites Read Summer Term

  • Story Bites Reads (Delivery)

    Story Bites Reads Winter Term with delivery so child can join virtually.




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