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Ordering Books via

We are now affiliated to and you can search online for any author, topic or title that interests you and purchase books for delivery. Using the links on our site will mean you are supporting us and the work we do for the local community from the emporium.


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is is an online bookshop with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops based on the fact they believe that bookshops are essential to a healthy culture and anchors for our high streets and communities. provides an easy, convenient way for you to get your books and support bookshops at the same time. You can find a specific bookshop on the map and they will receive the full profit from your order. Otherwise, your order will contribute to an earnings pool that will be evenly distributed among independent bookshops. One of the key principles of is to promote visiting an Independent Bookshop if you can, they hope to help strengthen the fragile ecosystem and margins around bookselling and keep local bookshops an integral part of our culture and communities. They have been set up as a B-Corp - a corporation that is dedicated to the public good.


Can we click and collect?

If you order from you cannot click and collect your order, it is packaged and sent out on behalf of bookshop from Gardners Books, the UKs principal book wholesaler and one of our key suppliers at Jacqson Diego. If you wish to click and collect, the best thing to do is to email us at or give us a call to place an order with us direct. We will then order your book into the emporium and let you know when it is ready to collect. You can pay on collection, or we can send you an invoice to pay before you arrive.


Do I need to collect the book from the shop?

No, you do not collect books ordered from, they are delivered to your door, or to an address you specify from the wholesaler.


Can I only buy the books on the lists?

When you visit our page on you will see many lists of books that we recommend. We love creating lists, but you are not limited to only purchasing these books. If you use the search bar on our page you can search for any book in print, and in most cases, it will pop up for you to order. Books that you search for from our page will still support us.


Do I pay for delivery?

Yes, you do pay for delivery, which is why prices of books on are discounted slightly to offset this extra payment.


How am I supporting you if I order from

If you order a book from our page on we receive 30% of the price as a commission. In real terms this equates to the profit margin, and when you take into consideration, we have no costs at our end it fairly equates to the profit on books sold to you direct in the emporium. If you purchase books from via a link that is not linked to a specific indie bookshop 10% of the price goes into a shared pot, and each month this is equally shared out to all the Indie Bookshops on the site.


How do I make sure it is Jacqson Diego that I’m supporting and not somebody else?

If you use our link, you will be taken to our page, and if you start there you will be supporting us. Our name will be in the left-hand corner. If another bookshop’s name is in the left-hand corner, you are supporting them.


Can I only order children’s books from you?

No you can order any books from us, both in the Emporium or on


Is it the same as using Hive?

It is not the same as using Hive for us, as we receive a much higher commission from, but we know that many of our customers use Hive and we are always grateful to be nominated by them. Hive books are also packaged and sent out by Gardners Books but apart from that it is not the same for you either. Hive books can be collected from the emporium (although if you do want to collect from us, we would always ask you consider placing he order with us direct via email or phone), or they can be sent to you at home. Hive can also supply vinyl and DVDs with a small (usually maximum 5%) paid to us in commission.


Do the books come from you?

The books do not come from us, they come to you direct from Gardners Books, who are one of our suppliers. This means there is a far wider selection, but all the books on offer can be ordered and supplied by us direct. We would suggest if you wanted books delivered, order them directly from bookshop, otherwise contact us in the usual ways.


What if there is an issue with my order?

For any issues with your order, you contact and they will sort things out for you.


Can I use National Book Tokens?

Yes, you can! National Book Tokens can be taken as payment or part payment on just as they can in most good bookshops. agree with us that the best place to go to buy books is your local independent bookshop, but if you cannot do that, they offer a convenient way for you to support grass roots bookshops and shopping local.


If you would like any more information, please let us know, otherwise please share our link with anyone you know who doesn’t have a local bookshop, but would like to support one.


Happy Reading!

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