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Jacqson Diego Story Emporium

At Jacqson Diego Story Emporium we love books! It's that simple. We believe that books are like golden tickets that give you space to be yourself, to go on adventures that you didn't know were possible and to discover new things. From the pages of a book you will be taught innumerable and immeasurable things, there are books that are filled with silliness and books that impart knowledge. There is a book for everyone, it sometimes takes time to find it but once you do you will find that most of all, books are FUN! 

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Pop in to see our amazing selection of books for children of all ages! We also provide ordering services and a variety of different, fun clubs. For books to be delivered directly to you, use Bookshop below, or if you prefer to click and collect contact us direct! If you prefer to listen to your books, we now offer audiobooks through! Both Bookshop and support our business!

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