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We are thrilled to be supporting the fabulous author Thomas Leeds on his World Book Day Visit to your child's school, for an exciting in-person event with the pupils.


Thomas will be talking to the children about being an author, his own love of books and what has inspired him in the writing his brand new book Jayben and Star Glass, the second installment in his fantasy adventure.


We know that author visits often inspire children to want to read and share the author's books, so following the event there will be an opportunity for the children to have their own copy of the book personalised and signed. The book is not published until Thursday 28th March, so all copies will be delivered into school before publication but unfortunately they will not be available on the day.


To order pre-order a book and guarantee availability please use the form below. Pre-orders need to be with us by midday on Monday 25th March. Please choose School Event as the delivery option from the drop down menu at the checkout. All books that are pre-ordered will be personalised and signed by Thomas Leeds, and delivered into school.

The following books are available to order:

jayben 2b.jpg

The second book in an incredible immersive fantasy series about a boy with no memories and a world that only he can save.  Jayben has realised his destiny as the Ninth Dreamer; he is the only one with the power to defeat Null, the villain who has been making everyone in the Elf World forget, but the Golden Torch has been stolen. Without it, Jayben must find another way to harness his power. When Jayben finds a golden gemstone, he struggles to recall its significance. But a wise captain on board a great ship tells him that it's an enchanted Star Glass gemstone, which could make Jayben powerful enough to defeat Null's wickedness once and for all.

Can Jayben beat Null to the tomb before the solar eclipse that will increase his power... and will he harness his own powers before Null wipes everyone's memories for ever?

 Jayben and the Star Glass

Can one boy with no memories save the world?


In the Earth world, a boy dreams of faraway lands to escape life with his horrible aunt. In the Elf world, he wakes up with a mysterious golden torch but without any clue who he is... except for the compass he pulls from his pocket, engraved with one name: JAYBEN. Jayben discovers that many moons ago, a giant put a dark spell on the golden torch, and the elves forgot everything that had come before. Now they hang precious memories in jars on trees, just to try to remember. But a new darkness grows among them. An evil villain called Null is burning down the forests,searching for the torch and becoming the most powerful being ever to live. Can Jayben save the world before the lights go out forever?


A story of courage, hope and friendship. Whatever pages are missing in your story, you can be the hero on the next page.

Jayben and the Golden Torch
Jayben Bundle.png
A copy of both books! 

All books will be delivered into school for the publication date of 28th March and personalised and signed by Thomas Leeds.

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