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Thomas Leeds  
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We are thrilled to be supporting the wonderful Thomas Leeds, author of Jayben and the Golden Torch, at his events both inside and outside of schools! Jayben and the Golden Torch is the first book of an already celebrated, brand new fantasy adventure series inspired by the authors own experiences.

We know that author visits often inspire children to want to read the author's books and if you would like a copy of the book personalised and signed by the author please use this form to order books to either be collected from the emporium or delivered to your door.



The following book is available to order:

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Jayben and the Golden Torch

Can one boy with no memories save the world?


In the Earth world, a boy dreams of faraway lands to escape life with his horrible aunt. In the Elf world, he wakes up with a mysterious golden torch but without any clue who he is... except for the compass he pulls from his pocket, engraved with one name: JAYBEN


Jayben discovers that many moons ago, a giant put a dark spell on the golden torch, and the elves forgot everything that had come before. Now they hang precious memories in jars on trees, just to try to remember. But a new darkness grows among them. An evil villain called Null is burning down the forests, hellbent on finding the torch and becoming the most powerful being ever to live. If Jayben can find his own magic and ignite the torch with its fierce violet flame, his power will be unstoppable. Can Jayben save the world before the lights go out forever?


A story of courage, hope and friendship. Whatever pages are missing in your story, you can be the hero on the next page.

Jayben and the Golden Torch

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