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This Is My Book

There is a direct correlation between the ownership of books and a child’s success at school and their mental wellbeing, and yet 1 in 11 children do not own any books.  We believe there is a book for everyone, one that will make their heart sing and we are on a mission to help every child find that book, own that book and provide the opportunity for success and happiness by sharing the joy found in the pages of a book they can relate to.

In 2019 we ran a pilot project funded by Southend Council to bring books into the hands of children on Neptune Ward at Southend hospital. We took storytellers to the ward and gifted books to the children.

“Thank you so much for the lovely book you gave my son at Southend hospital yesterday. It was the perfect choice and he’s already asked me to read it 3 times! He loves that it’s about dinosaurs AND pizza.” – Gemma via twitter

Now more than ever the mental wellbeing of the next generation is on all of our minds and we are extending our This Is My Book project. Working with community partners, charities and the hospital we want to share books with children and young people, giving them autonomy and ownership of material to read for pleasure.

If you would like to sponsor a book, please click below and we will ensure that a book reaches a child. Moreover the profit from the book will pay for a storyteller or facilitator to run an event or activity with the children involved, helping them to engage further and develop a love of books.

Thank you!

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Community Partners
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We are working with The One Love Project to help get books into the hands of children and families in the local community. One Lov​e are a local charity who support the local community in a variety of ways including soup kitchens, foodbanks, and pop-up kitchens for local families where they offer a variety of meals that are cooked with fresh ingredients giving families a healthy meal where kids eat for free, providing space for people to come together in a supportive atmosphere.

To specifically support One Love as part of our This is My Book campaign, pick One Love as the delivery option at the checkout

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