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We are thrilled to be bringing the fabulous author and illustrator Thiago de Moraes to Hamstel Junior School for Star Author Day. Thiago will be in school  for an exciting in-person event and visits to classrooms throughout the day on 1 March 2024.


Thiago will be talking to the children about being an author and illustrator, his own love of books and what has inspired him in writing and drawing. He will also be inspiring the children to create their own stories across the day and sharing his book New Gods, Old Tricks and a few of his previous ones.


We know that author visits often inspire children to want to read and share the author's books, so during the day there will be an opportunity for the children to meet Thiago and have their own copy of the book personalised and signed.


To order pre-order a book and guarantee availability please use the form below. Pre-orders need to be with us by midday on Thursday the 29th of February. Please choose School Event as the delivery option from the drop down menu at the checkout. All books that are pre-ordered will be brought into school to be signed by the author at the event.

Please note there will not be an after-school book signing as the event as it will take place during the school day.  This page will reopen for orders after the event for 1 week. After event books will be signed by the author but not personalised, and these will be delivered into school.

old gods.jpg

The following books are available to order:

Old Gods New Tricks by Thiago de Moraes

Trixie dos Santos is obsessed with trickster gods, so when the world is plunged into darkness, she knows who can bring back the light. Loki, Maui and the Monkey King join her on the hugest adventure, but can Trixie keep these maverick saviours in line?Shining a light on epic myths from cultures across the world, Old Gods New Tricks is at once a heart-racing and fascinating read. Full of heart and humour, it has the potential to spark a lifelong interest in folklore and legends.

Thiago's distinctive artwork brings these tricksy gods to life throughout the book.

Old Gods New Tricks

A peril-packed, crocodile-crammed, fun-filled adventure through ancient Egypt! Being whisked back to 1300 BC certainly wasn't on Henry's to-do list. Can he make his way through a new school, odd sports, unexpected friends and deadly pets, Egyptian style? And will he ever find his way back to the present day? With laugh-out-loud pictures on every page, and cool hieroglyphics to crack

A Mummy Ate My Homework

A Little But a Lot Henry is back in the present day - but he isn't happy about it. His little sister is driving him mad and no one believes that he travelled through time.
But all that is about to change when Henry finds himself travelling back to ancient Rome - where he soon realises that sibling rivalry can take a darker turn... A toga-tickling, gladiatorial gallop through Ancient Rome!

A Gladiator Stole My Lunch Box
A copy of each of the A Little But A Lot Henry time travel adventures.
Thiago Bundle.png
Copies of all three books! 

All books ordered after the 29th February will be signed by the author and delievered into school. 

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