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Signed Books & Indie Exclusive Editions

something about a bear.jpg

Something About A Bear by Jackie Morris

"This book is like having all sorts of bear hugs one after another... This large format book is a truly beautiful gift... The illustrations are exquisite!"

Jackie Morris takes you on a beautiful journey in this classic hardback book, exploring the worlds of 8 different species of bear, through stunning words accompanied by exquisite illustrations. Something About a Bear is the perfect gift to give and this signed copy is something that will be treasured forever.

five survive.jpg

Five Survive by Holly Jackson

"One of the group has a deadly secret, a secret that the sniper is willing to kill for. As more secrets come to light, tensions build within the group and it becomes very clear that not all of them will survive the night..."

Bestselling YA thriller author Holly Jackson strikes again with her latest book, Five Survive. When the secrets are deadly, but the consequences are deadlier, what else is there to do but try to survive? 

Perfect for fans of Holly Jackson's other book series Good Girl's Guide to Murder

joan armatrading.jpg

The Weakness in Me by Joan Armatrading

"Her writing paints the human experience with insight and emotion, it's alive with intelligence and empathy."

Selected and arranged by the author, The Weakness In Me presents the lyrics of Armatrading for the first time in one unique volume. It also contains an introduction by Armatrading alongside annotations to a number of songs, giving a rare, personal glimpse into the creative process of a true pioneer.

tale of truthwater lake.jpg

The Tale of Truthwater Lake by Emma Carroll

"Truthwater Lake is drying up, and as the water level lowers, what remains of a village begins to be revealed. Swimming over the rooftops at night, Polly deep dives and finds a portal through time!"

Emma Carroll once again takes us on another beautifully written historical time slip adventure, as we dive head first into exploring the lost of village of Truthwater Lake! 

the gifts.jpg

The Gifts by Liz Hyder

"A haunting tale set on the backdrop of 19th Century London, exploring the dark danger of ambition..."

Greed, ambition, and obsession. The Gifts is a gripping, gothic, historical fiction dabbled with fantasy elements. Told from five different perspectives, the book divulges into themes of female empowerment with a haunting backdrop of London emerging out of the Enlightenment period. 

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