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The Umbra Tales Bundle!

The Umbra Tales Bundle!


Mia and the Lightcasters, Mia and the Traitor of Nubis

by Janelle McCurdy, illustrated by Ana Latese


Faber & Faber

Published on: August 4th 2022, August 3rd 2023


Mia and the Lightcasters


Mia always dreamed of being an umbra tamer until she met the wild creature on the Nightmare Plains.

Since that day, she prefers to stay safe within the walls of Nubis. Safe, that is, until a surprise attack. With her parents captured, Mia's only hope is to travel to the City of Light to find help.

But with only her little brother, two friends and one solitary tamed umbra, the journey feels impossible. Mia not only has to overcome her fears, she also has to learn to harness her umbra taming abilities if they are to complete the quest in time.


Mia and the Traitor of Nubis


The Elite are imprisoned, the Reaper King is once again banished from the world and the city of Nubis is trying to return to normal. So is Mia, but it's not so easy. Coming to terms with new powers and being the tamer of two umbra, she's also plagued by nightmares.

Is the fear all in her imagination? Or are the agents of darkness somehow planning another assault? Once again, Mia's skills and resilience will be tested to their limit.

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