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Oh, Armadillo!: This Party's All Wrong! by Ellie Irving

Oh, Armadillo!: This Party's All Wrong! by Ellie Irving



Frances Lincoln Publishers

Published: 9th February 2023


Oh, Armadillo! is a hilarious tale exploring the endlessly humorous mishaps of an Armadillo who wants to host the most amazing party. Armadillo sets out to please the jungle animals with classic party treats and games, but everything turns out a little peculiar... like a sponge cake made of sponges and an actual musical chair! Children will roar with laughter at the silly scenarios and very funny mishaps that Armadillo creates whilst planning his party.

He misinterprets the most popular party games, like Pass the Parcel, in the funniest ways. Oh, Armadillo! combines laugh-out-loud humour with teaching a gentle lesson that there's nothing wrong with thinking differently. The jungle animals declare that Armadillo's party is wrong because everything is a little unusual, but what the animals learn is that being creative and inventive can lead to fun and laughter! This bold, bright, hilarious picture book is brought to life by talented illustrator Rob Starling.

Oh, Armadillo! will provide hours of laughs for little readers, whilst reminding us that thinking differently is good and can lead to the most fun of all!

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