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I Got This by Cara Mailey & Chrissie Sains

I Got This by Cara Mailey & Chrissie Sains




Published: 14 April 2022


A funny, big-hearted novel about loving yourself for being exactly who you are! When a mega-famous pop group announces a competition for fans to be part of their next music video, Erin decides to go for it. She wants to show her younger brother that in life, there are no limits - even if you don't look like most other kids. But making an audition video is proving more difficult than Erin expected; it's almost like her best friend is trying to ruin it! And when an opportunity comes up that might increase her chances, Erin begins to wonder: can she stay true to herself and pursue her dreams? Erin's character is inspired by co-author Cara Mailey, who has achondroplasia (the most common form of dwarfism) and was featured on CBBC's documentary "My Life: Made to Measure"

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