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BronteTempestra and the Lightning Steeds

BronteTempestra and the Lightning Steeds


Bronte Tempestra of the Storm Kingdom is taking charge of her own destiny - she will be the first ever princess to become a knight! But knight school isn't the fun-filled adventure that Bronte is expecting - the knights don't seem interested in saving anything. So when she discovers that the Lightning Steeds have gone missing, leaving the Thunder Trolls to wreak havoc across the lands, she knows it's her moment to prove just how brave a princess can be.


Bronte must face down pompous griffin lords and bare-bottomed cloud-stealing gnomes, monstrous horrorflies and spooky zombits. The future of the entire kingdom is at stake and it’s time for the princess to rescue the knights!


The first in a fun-filled fantasy quest series, filled with humour, wonderful illustrations by Hannah McCaffrey, and a twist on the familiar.

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