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A Month of Magic Bundle!

A Month of Magic Bundle!


A Month of Magic Bundle!

The October Witches and the November Witches

by Jennifer Claessen, Illustrated by Heidi Cannon


UCLan Publishing

Published: 1st September 2022 & 5th October 2023


The October Witches


There's so much to love about October - Halloween, pumpkin everything and MAGIC. Especially magic. But for nervous young witch Clemmie, this October might see the stars descend on her for the first time, bringing with them a whole month of chaotic new power.

She's spent twelve years watching her mum, aunts and cousin receive their October power and knows that, for the Merlyns, magic can get very messy. And there are those who want to harness their magic and make it last beyond October. It's a bold experiment, until Clemmie and her coven find themselves in mortal danger.

What price must be paid for magic that never ends? Or for having magic at all?


The November Witches


No witch is excited about gloomy magic-free November apart from young hag Clemmie who is relieved to finally be done with October's magical mess. But if there's no more magic, then where are all the armour-clad knights coming from? When even their enemy coven, the Morgans, don't have any answers, the Merlyns are on the run. Neither the Morgan or Merlyn covens want to burn so they will have to work together to solve the mystery of where the witch-hunting knights and the all-engulfing flames are coming from.

Will Clemmie be able to find her voice in time to save her family?


Continuing directly on from THE OCTOBER WITCHES, this NOVEMBER sequel is full of bonfires, knights, family disasters and one very important round table. Cover illustration by Heidi Cannon.

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