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We are thrilled to be bringing the award winning and Carnegie Medal shortlisted author Nathanael Lessore into your child's school for an exciting in-person event with the pupils on Wednesday 17th of April.

Nathanael will be talking to the students about being his path to becoming an author, his own love of books and what has inspired him in the writing his brand-new book King of Nothing, a hilarious and heartwarming comedy set against a backdrop of the realities of school and young teenage life.

We know that author visits often inspire children to want to read and share the author's books, so following the event there will be an opportunity for the students to meet Nathanael and have their own copy of the book personalised and signed.

To order pre-order a book and guarantee availability please use the form below. Pre-orders need to be with us by midday on Tuesday 16th of April. Please choose School Event as the delivery option from the drop-down menu at the checkout. All books that are pre-ordered will be brought into school to be signed by the author at the event.

​Please note there will not be an after-school book signing as the event as it will take place during the school day.  This page will reopen for orders after the event for 1 week. After event books will be signed by the author but not personalised and will be delivered into school.

The following books are available to order:

Anton and his friends are the kings of Year 9. They're used to ruling the school and Anton wears the crown. The other kids run away when he's about but that's the way he wants it - he's got a reputation to live up to after all. So when he gets into serious trouble at school, he doesn't really care, but his mum most definitely does. She decides it's time for Anton to make some new friends and join the Happy Campers, a local activity group. Anton would quite literally rather do anything else, especially when he finds out Matthew, the biggest loser in school, is also a member.

But after Matthew unexpectedly saves Anton's life, Anton figures maybe this kid is worth a shot. Teaching him some game is the least Anton can do to repay the debt. As the boys strike up an unlikely friendship, Anton finds himself questioning everything he thought was important. Does he want ruling the school to be his crowning glory or should he set his sights on better things?

King of Nothing

Yeah they call me Growls, I'm like a tiger on the prowl. King of jungles so you better take a bow. King of concrete so you better say it loud!

Shaun (aka MC Growls) is ready to drop his best bars and smash the competition at Raptology. That way, he's convinced Tanisha, his crush, will finally give him a chance. But when a livestream practice goes epically wrong, Growls's dirty laundry is literally exposed. He's finally achieved his dreams of going viral - not in the good way. Now Tanisha won't look at him, he's the joke of the school and there's no way he can show his face at the competition. Will he ever catch a break? Then a new girl on the block appears who might be just the friend Growls needs. Especially when she points out that Raptology could be the answer to his problems after all. . .

STEP UP TO THE MIC! It's MC Growls and he's ready for this. He's steady for this. It's comeback season and they call him comeback king for a reason.

Steady for This
Nate Bundle.png
A copy of both books! 

All books will be delivered into school on the date of the visit and personalised and signed by Nathanael Lessore with the students.

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