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Logan Macx Author Visit 
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We are thrilled to be bringing the wonderful Logan Macx, the author of the new spy series Swift and Hawk, to your school!

We know that author visits often inspire children to want to read the author's books and following the event there will be an opportunity for children to meet Thomas and have copies of his book personalised and signed. Please use this form to pre-order books and guarantee availability on the day of the visit. If your school visit has already happened, you can also order personalised copies here to be delivered into school after the event.


Please choose School Event as the delivery option at the checkout.

The following books are available to order:

swift and hawk 1.jpg

Swift and Hawk: Cyberspies

Two teen spies. One explosive mission. When their families mysteriously disappear, Swift and Hawk, teen experts in AI and robotics, are recruited by the top-secret Moebius Programme. Plunged into a life-and-death rescue mission, Swift and Hawk must race from hidden tunnels beneath London to the sinister island of Spokelsoy, straight into the hands of a deadly enemy...

swift and hawk 2.jpg

Swift and Hawk: Undercover

An undercover mission. A deadly game of spies.


When a secretive robotics company is hacked, teen spies Swift and Hawk discover out-of-control weaponized robots battling to escape into the city. As they race to shut down the virus, they quickly realize this is only the beginning.

A ruthless organization is plotting something far more deadly. Swift and Hawk must go undercover in their most dangerous mission yet.

Swift and Hawk: Cyberspies


Swift and Hawk: Undercover


Swift and Hawk Bundle


All books will be delivered into school.

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