Hello Thorpedene primary school!

Welcome to your secret page on the Jacqson Diego Story Emporium website. This page is just for you, and through it you can purchase books that only you can buy. Ones with signatures from the authors that you have been meeting at your special author events, personalised with your own name dedication.

Gareth P. Jones

virtual author visits

We are really excited to be bringing the acclaimed and former Blue Peter prizing winning author Gareth P. Jones to Thorpedene Primary School to help you celebrate World Book Day 2021!


In pre-Covid times, when an author visited schools the day would be rounded off with a book signing so that the children could purchase books and get them personalised and signed. A virtual visit is a little different, but we know that the children attending are likely to be inspired by Gareth and excited to read his books and have a special signed copy to keep. We have arranged a solution with Gareth himself.

If you order the books via this secret page, we will arrange for Gareth to sign bookplates for you. These will be stuck inside the books and delivered into school for distribution. All books will include a signed bookplate, however please note that bookplates will not be personalised on orders taken after 19th March.

At the final checkout please click the school name for the visit and books will be delivered into school as soon as we have received the bookplates from Gareth.

Thank you for your support and have a fantastic time with Gareth P. Jones!